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=The Purpose=

       The TW group serves to trade U.S. stocks and
       other assets for organizations and individuals.
       The goal is peace and, God willing,
       some trading profits as well.
       The more working capital you provide,
       the better the chances for success.

       If you don't already have a US brokerage account,
       an account can be opened in your name with
       licensed, established brokers with
       TW (Larry Bush) as account manager.
       Your money goes to the broker, not to me.
       This enables transparency.
       Rather than a monthly management fee,
       TW earns 25% of the profit on each trade.
       Some of that 25% will go to
       International Horizons, a charitable organization.
       Offshore activities will require discussion.

       No profit = no charge, and the customer gets any
       tax loss write-off... And TW gets no income.
       So there's motivation for being careful.
       There is risk of losing money trading stocks,
       commodities, or anything else.
       One can also lose everything by crossing the street
       or driving or flying.

All of life is in God's hands.

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